Book Reviews

Here are organized, alphabetically and by author’s last name, all my reviews

A : 

Austen Jane, Pride and Prejudice

B :


C : 


D :

Du Maurier Daphné, The Frenchman’s Creek

E : 

F : 

Fitzgerald Francis Scott, All The Sad Young Men and part 2

Flagg Annie, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Cafe 

G :

H :

Hemingway Ernest, The Old Man and The Sea

Hugo Victor, Claude Gueux

Hugo Victor, The Last Day Of A Condamned Man

I :

Irving John, The World According to Garp

J :

Jackson Shirley, The Haunting of Hill House

Johnson Adam, The Orphan Master’s Son and part 2

Jones Edward P.,  The Known World

K :

Kafka Franz, The Trial

Kennedy Toole John, A Confederacy of Dunces and part 2

King Stephen, 11/22/63

L :

Lehane Dennis, Live by Night and part 2

M :

Mailer Norman, Oswald’s Tale and part 2

McCarthy Cormac, Blood Meridian

Miller Arthur, The Crucible

N :

O :

Oates Joyce Carol, Black Girl White Girl

P :

Pear Matthew, The Poe Shadow and part 2

K :

R :

S :

T :

U :

V :

W :

Wolfe Thomas, The Bonfire of The Vanities and part 2

X :

Y :

Z :


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