The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck, 1941

430daa56cd0211e2be8622000a9f192b_6Steinbeck being one of my favorite author EVER, I could not resist when I saw that little novel on the library shelf. The only thing you can say after you’ve read it is WOW (end of the review, it left me speechless !)

The Moon Is Down has been written 1941. Between 1940 and 1942, Steinbeck served voluntarily in several government intelligence agencies. Midsummer 1941, the chief of one of those agencies asked Steinbeck to write a book of propaganda. After several revisions, because Steinbeck being Steinbeck , his original version annoyed a few people, it was published in March 1942. The book caused a big controversy in America because it doesn’t depict the invaders as bloodthirsty, conscienceless monsters but as human beings with fears and hopes. The book had a positive reception in Europe though. The resistant movements from several countries translated it and distributed it massively.

The plot revolves around a unidentified village, invaded by an unidentified invader. The resistance builds up quietly, harassing the enemy and showing us the cracks in the winners’s psyché. It presents to us a human face to those who had been described as demons. It tells us that the war is done by men, with their feelings, their fears, the desire to love and to be loved.

It’s a very fast read… Just about a 100 fascinating, beautifully written pages… You know what to do now !

I give it a 10/10

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