The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl, 2006 (part 2)

I’ve just finished The Poe Shadow last night, and unfortunately, I’m sorry to report that I still don’t like it.

After a few adventures in the New World, Quentin is suspected of murder. He’s arrested, he escapes, he’s proven innocent BUT his great aunt files a lawsuit against him to take away all his fortune because she thinks he’s insane. Of course, Peter comes back to Quentin, they are friends again and Hattie broke her engagement with Peter. Anyway, they’ll live happy ever after blablabla…

While reading this book, I had a a sudden déjà vu feeling… Just like when I read the Da Vinci Code, I felt betrayed, promised of genius and spectacular moments but nothing of the sort happened. I’m hugely disappointed. The starting point was so seducing but its realisation isn’t what I had expected. The character are shallow and the more time you spend with the hero, the less you like him. The developments are incoherent ( the Napoléon family is going to be involved in the whole Dupin/Duponte/Clark murder case) and unrealistic. The whole story lacks of coherence. I kept on reading it because I thought it could only get better… It didn’t. I’ll probably try Pearl’s first novel, The Dante Club, but I know I won’t put too much effort into finishing it it doesn’t suit me.

I will give it a 3/10


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