Are our children self confident enough ?

I just read an article stating that our children’s lack of self esteem and self confidence was alarming. The author was also suggesting that self esteem should be taught in school. I might sound reactionary but I think a 8 years old who NEEDS a TV in his bedroom or a 13 years who NEEDS a 40$ cellphone plan are self confident enough. We’ve raised a generation of children who think they are the best gift God ever gave to Earth, that their needs (more wants really) should be fulfilled no matter what. I remember students who received a bad grade for a bad paper who were shocked because after all they gave it almost on time ! They should have a good grade just because they gave their paper, not for the quality of it. Someone also told me about his sister who is a teacher and who was called by the police one night because a father wanted to sue her for the only reason that she had the nerves of confiscating his daughter’s cellphone for a because she was using it in the classroom (and therefore enforcing the school policy). Children think it’s normal for them to get what they ask for. We’ve been giving our children the wrong start when assuring them that just by being born they accomplished some kind of miracle that makes them the centre of the universe and therefore entitled to everything. Less and less kids understand that you are supposed to work to get something. Why should they after all, mummy or daddy will buy it for them. Self esteem isn’t the real problem nowadays. The problem isn’t the kids who lack of self esteem because they are bullied. The problem is the kids who think that bullying someone else, rejecting them because they don’t have the right clothes, shoes, cellphones, ipods, is a normal behaviour  No one finds it unacceptable that a kid would have trouble making friends because they don’t have a cellphone. That was one of the arguments my daughter and my better half gave me to make me accept to give her a cellphone for her next birthday. “If she doesn’t have a cellphone, she won’t have any friends. It’s how the society is now. She needs a cellphone.” I think us, parents of today, remember our own childhood…I do recall that we survived without a cellphone. I actually don’t see why a cellphone is required when you’re 13, when you see all your friends at school all day long and when your parents own a landline that you can use while at home. I think, somewhere, we lost the plot. We forgot the real values we want our kids to live by.

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