Live by Night by Dennis Lehane, 2012

I know… Last time, I said that I was starting Sophie’s Choice but I got distracted by a shiny object on my bookshelf and it was Live by Night by Dennis Lehane.

Dennis Lehane is hands down my favourite contemporary author. I’ve read the Kenzie/Gennaro series about a dozen times and the rest of his novels too. Mystic River is brillantisme, Shutter Island is breathtaking and The Given Day is fabulous. I know, I sound biased but that also makes me the worse kind of reader for an author : the one you might deeply disappoint.

I always try to make my newest Lehane lasts, considering it takes him way too much time to write a book. I’ve waited the more I could before opening this one but I couldn’t wait anymore ! So, here we go…

As usual, a few boring but highly instructive facts. Dennis Lehane started his writing career with A Drink Before the War in 1994 (the first of the Kenzie/Gennaro series) and won a few prizes for it. The success never left him. He collaborated to the writing of screenplays for the  TV show The Wire. Some of his books have been adapted as movies, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River (with the awesomely amazing Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon), Shutter Island (with Leonardo Di Caprio).

His novels are always a subtle mix of thriller and sharp, deep painting of the society. They take place in Boston, his hometown, in the hard neighbourhoods of Southie, Dorchester where the criminals and poorest people live. Lehane tries to show us the imperfections of a society which destroys its weakest elements, turns them into criminals but also the personal choices that make a person turning to good or to bad.

I just started Live by Night and as you read earlier, I have high, gigantic, humongous expectations about this book ! I’ll keep you posted…

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