Oswald’s Tale, Norman Mailer, Epilogue

Oswald’s Tale doesn’t solve the mystery surrounding John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s death. After reading it you won’t know for sure if Oswald was a lone killer, if he belonged to a political group or if he was a CIA or FBI agent. You won’t know if Marina was a Soviet spy and planned JFK’s death using Oswald as a hitman. You won’t know how many shooters there were. You still won’t have any certainty…

This book never pretended to be the final investigation which would answer all the questions about JFK’s murder. It is however, a thorough, deep, intelligent immersion into a very young man’s psyche. It’s the tale of a tragedy, the tragedy of a young man’s dream of greatness. With his objective journalistic tone, Mailer tries to give us the most honest and faithful portrait of Oswald. He uses and compares all the archives and sources to do so. He multiplied interviews with all the protagonists in America and Russia, used the existing literature and the Warren Commission report.

In the end, one can only wonder what went through the mind of this 24 years old man when he realised he had made it to History.

“If it not had not been for Theodore Dreiser and his last great work, one would like to have used  An American Tragedy as the title for this journey through Oswald’s beleaguered life” Normail Mailer, Oswald’s Tale.

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